6 highlighting details of wedding planning

To be able to host a memorable and fun wedding is what every couple dreams of. When designing and planning for such a wedding, there are so many little details that play a big part to make it as memorable as you hope to. So here are some wedding décor details that you need to add in to your plans!

The seating

This is probably a task that is going to take you a lot of time to plan out, however that is what makes it interesting and memorable. If you nail the seating right, then even if you don’t have a wedding photobooth in singapore, it wouldn’t show at all because people would be enjoying more with the people at their desk focusing on living in the moment rather than capturing it too many times!

The place cards

Once you have gone through all the trouble to arrange the seating right, it would be a huge disappointment when people end up seating in the wrong places or end up being awkward throughout the ceremony because they are forced to hang out with people they barely know or dislike (for some reason or the other). So make sure that you have place cards set out directing people to their seats.


One of the most highlighting and memorable details of a wedding is the favors that are handed out. So when you are organizing and planning for your big day make sure you give extra thought to this little detail. The more flavored it is (sweet or not), the more interesting and striking it would be.

The centerpiece

Centerpieces are like the cherries on top of a boring table. While the runners also add to the detail, the centerpieces just make it standout. So when you are working on what to add to these try to incorporate your theme, the chosen colors and may be flowers too to make it pop out.

Mirror plates

If you want to give your wedding a posh and glamourous look, then you cannot ever forget the mirror plates. When these plates are placed below interesting centerpieces they just automatically make everything seem extra special and fascinating adding more to the detail. Therefore, DON’T EVER FORGET YOUR MIRROR PLATES!

Setting the mood with candles

There is nothing more romantic than a table lit up with candles. So when you are reserving your venue make sure that you ask the policies of the place on this, beforehand. If it is allowed then you can have long standup candles or small floating ones in colored water, arranged on the tables.

Making sure that this day turns out perfect is definitely going to be stressful, but that is why you have your partner, friends and family to help you work things out. So don’t end up stressing too much on the details and not focusing on the real thing, which is that you are finally able to be with the person that you love for the rest of your life from this day onwards!

Have fun and enjoy this day to remember it in the best way!


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