Best places in the world to visit on a vacation

There is nothing like a vacation that could get you in high spirits. Especially in the busy society and world we live in, getting extra time on your hands is like hitting a jackpot! So if you have been lucky to hit that jackpot here are some places you should be making plans to visit to!


The city of love is like a place that is in everyone’s bucket list at one point or the other. However you should know that the Eiffel tower isn’t really the only thing to see and enjoy there. You have the many cafes and boutiques with authentic French food being served, the museums, shopping malls and whatnot are all some of the most amazing places to visit in the city. While it might not be surrounded in a natural environment like one of the many ubudbali resorts, it is still one of the best places you could be in a ‘city’!

The busy NYC

If there is one place in this world that is forever awake, then that would be NYC. Whether it is 12 in the noon or 12 in the midnight, the shops would still be open, people would still be moving from place to place and the Times Square would still be lit up with the many billboards. On the other hand if you feel like you can’t take the ‘busy’ happening around you, then you can always just go and chill at Central Park and have some time for yourself!

The city of artistic ruins

The romans always took their buildings serious. So you can’t really find anything that isn’t amazing about each and every building that they built. This of course includes the famous ‘Colosseum’.  In this eternal city you’ll also come to see the many ancient churches with thousands of years of history, other historical ruins and most importantly smell the sweet fragrance of a layered bowl of pasta and gelato!

The city of Big Ben

The British have always been posh with whatever they have done and are doing. And that in itself has shaped their culture throughout the many years. So you won’t ever find a culture anywhere in the world like in Britain. Of course you can’t forget that die-for accent that is just like music to any non-Britisher’s ears! And that is all the more reasons why you should visit there. Sure the weather might be unpredictable and crazy like a girl’s emotions, but it shouldn’t be stopping you from visiting the amazing city of London with Big Ben standing tall and Madame Tussauds calling your name with the wax figures of your favorite icons and role models!

So if you are ever making plans for your next vacation make sure that you include these cities in your list, for the best experience ever!


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