Foods you should be booking flights to experience

Different countries across the world have their own cultures, traditions and even their own dishes. These not only set them apart from one another but also give them their own identity. Being able to try these dishes from their own native countries is basically every travel and food enthusiastic person’s dream. So if you are planning on a world trip or visiting any of the countries below, here are some foods you should be trying!

Pennsylvanian white pizza

Have you ever heard of ‘White Pizza’ (sounds like the albino version of the regular pizza doesn’t it?)? Well if you haven’t then you should have, because it is certainly worth travelling all the way to Pennsylvania to experience. Made from creamy cheese covering the double crust on the top and bottom, this pizza is called the ‘Old Forge White Pizza’ and it is much different and unique from any other italian food singapore that you might have tasted.

The Georgian eggplant

While you can obviously taste eggplant dishes from any part of the world in any country simply because it is used a lot of dishes, in Georgia this dish is given a different twist. Made using pureed walnuts, spices and eggplant, this is an appetizer which is served cold. So if you ever plan on visiting Georgia don’t forget to ask for an ‘Eggplant Satsivi’.

Vietnamese clam dish

Ngheu Hap Xa or the Vietnamese clam dish is made from plumpybaby clams cooked with lemon grass and served hot hot to your table. So if you are a fan of seafood this is certainly a dish that you should be ordering if you ever visit a restaurant there. Remember though when sipping on this lemongrass broth with clams, make sure that you add in that sweet chili saucefor a more flavored and appetizing dish.

The Malaysian milk rice served on a banana leaf wrap

For a traditional and flavored dish, you should definitely be trying a Nasi Lemak from Malaysia. This is a dish that is wrapped and served on a banana leaf with rice prepared using coconut milk, half a hard boiled egg, fried chicken, devilled squid, chili anchovies, peanuts and cucumber. Make sure to eat it steaming hot though if you want to experience the flavors and sweet smell!

South Korean cold noodles

This is probably the first time you would have heard of noodles being served cold, but in Korea this is a popular dish that is served frequently in the blazing hot summer days. These noodles are flavored with Korean red pepper paste sauce known as ‘Gochujang’ and the entire dish is called ‘BibimGuksu’.

Plan a trip to all these countries and taste these dishes yourself to get the full experience that comes with the dish!


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