Reasons Why Every Kid in the World Has to Learn Swimming

Among the many skills that a kid should learn, aside from four macro skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing, swimming is considered another ‘golden’ skill to learn. It is the only skill that could save your child, especially that drowning is one of the leading causes of accidental deaths on children.


Making your child learn how to swim does not mean that your family should live anywhere near beaches or lagoons. In fact, most highly urbanized cities and countries like Singapore has swimming lessons catered to children as young as four years old.


Although Singapore is surrounded by seas, its water bodies are not for swimming because of its uneven depths. Yet, most kids swimming classes in Singapore happens in public and private pools. So, there’s no reason why you can’t let your child learn to swim.

Being able to equip your child a survival skill like swimming, there are other reasons why swimming is the best alternative on most of the idle days of children other than staying at home and glue their eyes on gadgets. These are:


  • Swimming can help your child increase their stamina. The length of time they have to hold their breath while in the water to reach the other end of the pool is a good exercise for your kid’s heart and lungs. This will enable them to breathe freely for doing everyday simple tasks without chasing their breath.
  • This sport/skill improves your child’s balance and posture. In this modern age, most of the kids are addicted to mobile gadgets that they don’t dare to even move. Frequent use of gadgets can affect your kid’s posture because most of the time they are slouching on their seats or lying on the bed. However, in swimming, it provides exercises that help maintain correct posture even if you are in the water.
  • Swimming provides rewards and accomplishments even if they compete locally. This will build your child’s self-confidence as they compete with other kids in swimming.
  • Learning how to swim enables the child to do more sport. When you allow your child to learn swimming, it opens another opportunity for them to try other sports that require swimming. These sports are surfing, scuba diving, kayaking etc.

If there’s a skill that a kid should know at a young age, it’s swimming. Not only that it offers a lot of physical health benefits, but it also helps your child develop a good well being.


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